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Sockspace The Band: I Feel Like (MIDI Demo Extended)

Diary 11
Posted at 1-24-2023 9:49

Hi! Sorry I haven't een active, again. Nothing has been happening for me to post about! I got the newest phone from Tamaya and i do love all the new shiny features it has - but that's about it. See you later!!!

Diary 10
Posted at 1-11-2023 18:52

I found this in my downloads today.

Diary 9
Posted at 1-5-2023 10:03

I heard sockspace is writing a new EP!! Super excited!!

Diary 8
Posted at 1-1-2023 09:23

Hello, and a happy new year to you all! I hope Sockspace releases new music this year lol

Diary 7
Posted at 12-27-2022 13:02

Christmas was fun! Getting to spend a lot of time with my GF is gamer also!! Maybe I could come up with a new sandwich for my job. Idk haha

Diary 6
Posted at 12-20-2022 1:01

Yawwwnn.... I've been so tired, recently. I've been catching up on sleep and playing video games and doing not much else. I'm excited for christmas!!

Diary 5
Posted at 12-15-2022 8:00

I met some new people, got a lamphive account, been talking to my gf, doing to work every day, the usual. Nothing's changed much - that's good, though! Right..?

Diary 4b; Addendum
Posted at 12-12-2022 9:44
From "classic j dies and goes to hell part 1"

You boys just lift me up to let me down
Every single time you come around
I'm making friends who don't know who I am
Tryna turn the hurt into a brand

Diary 4
Posted at 12-11-2022 22:52

Do you ever feel like your brain is HTML, and the code is extremely bugged? I do.
I've been having a good day. Hopefully this week will be gamer, it snowed last night and everything is covered in pretty white! More people have been coming by the store lately to just hang out, and it's nice to overhear conversation !!!

Diary 3
Posted at 12-7-2022 19:13

Hi blog. Sockspace finally posted on their main blog again, but the post didn't have any text in it, just the word "lost" in invisible text. Weird.
Anyways! I've been getting better from being sick, so that's good! I've been able to see my friends more often yknow yknow
Also, I changed the featured song to the full version of I Feel Like (MIDI). Took a while to dig that one up, it was on their tumblr that nobody knows about. Last time I checked, they posted about writing a song there that was "too weird". (Like they'd care?)

Diary 2
Posted at 12-6-2022 9:38

Hi blog! Life has been okay, I've been taking a lot more walks recently, eating better, trying to get my health up, y'know. I've been wondering if anyone's gonna use the park for anything -- there were some small concerts there a while ago, but not anymore.
Sockspace hasn't posted in a while.

Diary 1
Posted at 12-4-2022 19:10

Hiya blog!! I'm learning how to do HTML and CSS!! I;ve been practicing a lot and getting help from a friend of mine that's really into computers. i've spent all day coding this website and I think it looks pretty awesome! >;3 I'll see you tmrw!
p.s. I fucking love Sockspace!!

Posted at 12-4-2022 14:03

Welcome to my new blog! I hope I can write for you often!

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